About Russian Women

These Women are everything we are missing in the west. I have never had such a great holiday before in my entire life.

I have made a connection with a great Woman but part of me hopes it does not work out because I still want to go on another trip before I settle down.
One of the greatest joys is watching your children succeed in life. If a Man wants a beautiful Wife and a family with tall, attractive, intelligent, athletic children then the former Soviet Union is worth checking out.
Its a good thing most Men will not get on a plane and come over here, if they only knew the quality of Woman and Quantity of Women waiting to meet them there would be a 747 touching down every hour loaded with men and the opportunity would no longer exist.
These Women live with their parents and grandparents they have family values hard to find in the west. For me divorce is expensive and painful I believe if any of these Women divorce their husbands it is probably because he is not treating them right.
These Women spend their weekends working in the family garden, they eat a fruit and vegetable based diet and look fantastic. The fact they walk several miles a day does not hurt either. Many American Women would spend several thousand dollars if they could look like these Women. Overweight Women are hard to find over there.
I had been raked over the coals and put through the ringer with my divorce, as had the majority of my friends who also Married local Women. Since my city has a divorce rate of 67% it doesn't take rocket science to figure out marriage usually does not work with Western Women. I then tried a local introduction service and the dating superhighway "local Internet". After meeting more local Women then I care to remember, I felt like I should quit my job and start a chain of weight loss clinics where the real money is. I decided to try Ukraine and felt like I had died and gone to heaven before I even got out of the airport in Kiev. These Women are everything we are missing in America.
Now I know why it is so common for Men who work in the oil Industry that go over to Russia to come back with Russian Wives.
These Women tend to be very real and sincere. You will soon know if she likes you, body language says it all.
For thousands of years Women have naturally looked to men for shelter, food, clothing, transportation and to provide a safe environment for their children, even though the Men of the Western World play the largest part in meeting these needs SEVERAL times over it is not always appreciated or good enough. Historically what a man has needed from a Woman has been basic and physical. We now live in an abundant society where many Men cannot get their basic needs met because the Women have let themselves go. To find a Woman who can meet your needs and appreciates what you can do for her try the former Soviet Union. In many ways it is a natural fit.
A Woman friend of mine from Russia lives in my city and is happily married with a family to a local man (6 years now) she met him at a social in Moscow. She asked me why are so many Canadian Women on antidepressants "what's with that I don't get it?" She asked me, I told her many Canadian Women get sad and mad when they see someone else with a bigger house or a newer bigger SUV, so they must take a happy pill to function. Or they choose to eat a lot of bad food to become big and then become more sad and angry. My friend told me they need to live in Russia for a few years.
I have many local Women friends that I think highly of as friends and people, however I can get my emotional and physical needs met much more effectively by a Russian Woman in a committed marriage. I am also much more appreciated by Russian Women for my character, communication skills and warmth. I suspect this would be the case for the majority of Men in this country.
Many Men in our society put themselves under great pressure and stress with education and work (which so often leads to poor health and early death) so they can get the big income to have the big house, fancy car, to attract a beautiful Woman as a girlfriend or Wife (from a small supply) to get his basic physical needs met. Well I have news for you guys. The beautiful sexy American Woman often has the inner beauty of a mud fence. She has been spoiled since her teenage years because of short supply and high demand it has never been necessary for her to develop character, guys will put up with almost anything to be with these Women. Its to easy to solve this problem all one needs to do is get on a plane and go to Russia. What we have in North America for beautiful Women 1 in 20 over there is about 1 in 4. There are so many beautiful Women over there they do not even know they are good looking. This results in personalities and inner beauty that matches there out ward appearance. They are usually well educated speak 3 or 4 languages including English, warm and kind, they stand beside their Man through thick and thin (but not abuse, infidelity or alcoholism as they are strong no nonsense women). So the bottom line is if you are a nice guy you can share your life with a beautiful Woman who is unlikely to cause you pain and is generally a far higher quality person then you will find in your own country. The Women are waiting and all a guy needs to do is go on a holiday to experience a different culture. As for myself I know very few Men will ever get on the plane so that makes it perfect for me.
After the trip going back to your home country will be depressing, after being in a country that looks like a convention of super models.
These Women exude warmth, most are genuine but reserved. The best thing about them is they like nice guys.
Most of these Women sincerely want a Man who will love them and love his family. This lucky man will most likely receive much more then he gives.
The type of Wife these Women become is directly related to the type of Husband the man is.
I wish all these Women could find a nice Husband. Unfortunately I can only take one back with me and it will not be an easy decision.
I consistently discovered a 15 to 20 year age difference does not matter with many of these Women if the man is healthy and young for his age. This was a pleasant surprise because what man would not want a younger Wife. In Ukraine a 40-year-old man looks about 55.
Going to the Ukraine is like getting on a space ship and going to a planet of beautiful sexy Women who have the personalities of friendly old Grandmothers ha ha or Babushkas.
Its almost unbelievable but true how many beautiful sexy Women there are here. But an even greater surprise is their inner beauty. A man must totally deprogram himself with respect to the personalities of attractive Western Women. You must clean the slate, forget about everything you think you knew about Women and be prepared to be amazed.

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